There are 6 membership classifications at Tuscarora: 

Regular, Senior, Junior, Recreational, Non-Resident and Youth/Student.

  • Regular - This membership is for ages 36 -69 and allows you and your family to have access to all the facilities at Tuscarora. Also, included is membership voting rights. Monthly Dues $230
  • Senior - This membership is for ages 70 and up. It includes all the privileges of regular membership but at a special membership rate. Monthly Dues $210
  • Junior- This membership is for members 18 - 35 years old. It includes all the privileges of regular membership but at a special membership rate. Monthly Dues $190 (Current Junior Members as of January 31, 2019, shall be grandfathered as Junior until age 40)
  • Recreational – This membership allows you and your family access to all facilities at Tuscarora except the golf course and private cart facility. You also do not have voting rights with this membership. The dues for this membership are significantly reduced as compared to the full membership. Dues are $975for the year plus a $72.00 capital improvement fee and are paid bi-annually. 
  • Non-Resident – This membership is available to you if your primary residence is outside Pittsylvania County (not including City of Danville) or out of state.  This membership gives everyone in your family access to all the facilities of Tuscarora, but this membership does not give you voting rights. The cost is $66/month or $790/year plus a $10/month or $120/year capital improvement fee.
  • Youth/Student - This membership is for members under 18 years old or currently enrolled full time in a college or university. It includes individual access to only the golf facilities of Tuscarora and does not give you voting rights. The student must provide proof of enrollment annually.  Annual Dues $330 (no capital improvement fee)

    *A $17.50 capital improvement fee is also billed monthly with all memberships unless otherwise noted above.


2024 Membership Recruitment Program:

Effective April 1, 2024, Tuscarora Country Club will offer incentives for our current membership who recruit new members to join our club.  Any new members recruited will receive discounted dues until March 31, 2025, based on the schedule below. Monthly dues will increase each of the following years and will be reflected in the new member’s April 1st statement. Any current member who recruits a new member will receive discounted dues (based on the schedule below) for a 12-month period starting the month the new member joins and will still be subject to annual dues increases April 1st of each year.

Should a current member recruit more than one new member, they will receive a one-time statement credit of $75 per additional new member. Should recruitment members cancel their membership, the sponsoring member will revert to non-recruitment monthly dues but is eligible to recruit additional members to get back on the program.

Eligible Membership Categories: (monthly capital improvement fee not included)

Recruitment Monthly Dues (Current & New Member)

  2024 2025
Junior $145 Non-Recruitment Rate
Regular $185 Non-Recruitment Rate
Senior $165 Non-Recruitment Rate

*Non-resident memberships and Recreational memberships not included in this program.


Club Owned Cart Fee Plan

  • Weekend only - $50 monthly plus $5 trail fee per round
  • 7 days a week - $70 monthly plus $5 trail fee per round

Private Owned Cart Plan (stored at club or individual residences)

  • Individual Usage - $70 monthly
  • Family Usage - $80 monthly Cart Inspection fee $10 (done twice a year $5 each)


Applications and fee information can be secured from the business office (724-1387) or the Golf Shop (724-4191).